Air source hot water heat pump for house warming Ref : P47976

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1. With high efficiency in low temperature New refrigerant R410a perform well in low temperature,making the unit work normally enven in the bad working condition at -15℃ The enlarged heat exchanger(30% than the traditional design) is another guarantee which can ensure the unit work normally between -15℃ and 45℃. The optional condenser rain spray device will start automatically when the temperature is above 38℃.It will ensure enough cooling capacity and the EER can reach 4.0,thereby avoiding losing more capacity in high temperature. 2. Energy callback for hot water(optional) Hot water for housing is the additional output for users.When cooling,the hot water is produced by the exhaust heat of air conditioning,thus provide hot water for free.When heating,15% of the heating capacity can be used for produce hot water,thus save 70% energy than direct heating. 3. Hot water supply system When our units work with PIXIE series units together,you can get hot water whole day and do not need to consider the climate situation any more. 4. ETS heat exchanger with high efficiency and stability The new type ETS heat exchanger is fetched in from America with innovative technology;This heat exchanger with small volume and high efficiency has a strong self-clean function,remove the problems of dirty and block on common heat exchanger.The COP of the unit reaches 4.0ISO9001,CE,ETL(Some types of products have been through the test, others are under testing),TUV,CBFOB Guangzhou25 days30 pcs1customer orientedChina0

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