Air source hot water heat pump Ref : P47974

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1.Efficient Depending on external conditions(the heat of the source air),the cost of operation can be as little as 25% of that of an electric water heater, and can be used in locations unsuitable for solar hot water heating 2.Environmentally friendly Produces no harmful gas locally from the conbustion of oil,coal,or natural gas. 3.Good looking Attractive design allows the unit to be placed in the open in finished utility spaces and basements,reducing the cost of remodeling. 4.Safe Free from potential hazard of carbon monoxide,there is no electrical contact with water,and does not provide an open flame,making the device more suitable for installation in a garage space than nutural gas heater. 5.Simplified installation and operation Unlike oil fired units,no fuel delivery or storage is required.Unlike combustion heaters there is no need for vent piping,reducing the complexity of installation and allowing increased freedom in locating the unit. 6.Easy to operate Contains a timer for start and stop,and an adjustment dail for easy setting of the water temperature. 7.Multiple heat source Depending upon the location of the air exchanger,heat may be taken from the outside environment,from a sun porch or attic space,or from hot areas in light industrial environment such as bakeries and kithens.ISO9001,CE,ETL(Some types of products have been through the test, others are under testing),TUV,CBFOB Guangzhou25 days30 pcs1customer orientedChina0

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