3 Phase UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 10k - 80kVA with IGBT Tech Ref : P376586

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Quick View 1: China UPS with good quality and low price, same quality like APC, Eaton, MGE UPS. 2: 3 Phase UPS with 50Hz / 60Hz Frequency and 380V / 400V / 415VAC Input and output 3: Triphase UPS with Emergency power off function (EPO) 3: UPS with SNMP , USB , RS232 Ports 4: UPS with Parallel Redundancy Function UPS Key Features 1.True double-conversion 2. DSP technology guarantees high performance 3. Output power factor 0.8 4. IGBT inverter and output isolation transformer 5. Active power factor correction in all phases 6. 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode 7. ECO mode operation for energy saving 8. Accepts dual-mains inputs 9. Emergency power off function (EPO) 10. Generator compatible 11. SNMP+USB+RS-232 multiple communications 12. 3-stage extendable charging design for optimized battery performance 13. Adjustable battery numbers 14.Advanced no-master-slave parallel technology (optional) 15.Full protection function 16.External SNMP or USB or Dry contacts (optional) APPLICATIONS: Medical Equipment,Communications Equipment;Telecommunications Systems,Electric powered Bicycle and Wheelchairs etc.1

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