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Flattop water heater,pitched roof solar energy, solar system,water tank Function and Feature 1. Dual cycle system: Concentrator and coil heat exchanger in the water tank into a heat cycle with entire copper pipe, Cold and heat water in the water tank is a water-supply cycle, dual cycle don’t disturb mutually to ensure clean water. 2. UForm copper pipe in the concentrator: Assure good system stability, heat-collecting high efficiency to insure usage request of high-rise buildings. 3.Pressure-bearing working in the entire system: Pressure-bearing, System collect high heat efficiency, quick heat transfer, make good use of solar energy. 4.Add original CPC baffle-board from Germany: CPC baffle-board can absorb diffusion in the air, substantially rise heat efficiency, Acid-proof Alkali, Corrosion resisting, Uviofast. 5.An important component in heat cycle: Expansion tank, which balance pressure in the heat system, powerfully ensure system stability, improve heat-transferring efficiency in the system. 6.Adopt Vertical water tank: ensure no humid phenomenon, hot water on the upside of tank, turn on the water quickly. 7.Heat exchanger in the tank:heat exchanger in the downside of the tank, hot water is upside of the tank after heat transfer, which make water clean and heat transfer more excellent. 8.Inner tank made for enamel in the tank: Good Rust Prevention Performance, long-time working life 9.Imported Control System from Germany: system work automatically, comfortable usage and high reliability. ningbo3 days1Flattop water heater,pitched roof solar energy, solar system,water tankChina1

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